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Last year the CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, laid out a clear problem for today’s workforce, “…somewhat surprisingly, interpersonal skills is where we’re seeing the biggest imbalance. Communications is the number one skill gap.” (emphasis added.)

Communications is the top skill gap, but most employees never get training specifically targeted to address that.  So I want to help.

Workshops and Talks

Generally, Palermo Improv Training attacks various aspects of upgrading your interpersonal communication skills.  We start with the foundations of creating a dynamic connection through Active Listening skills and using Heightened Emotional Intelligence.  From there we work on Collaboration and Adaptability.  All of the work includes a Focus On The Other that builds Trust and Inclusion.  And the workshops build Team Cohesion as well as individual Self Confidence. 

I present these techniques either as a talk with interactive elements (for larger groups) or as workshops where all participants actively engage.

Beyond these foundational elements, I work with your coordinators to customize the workshop to meet your group's learning objectives.  For example, I've worked with designers who specifically wanted to Generate Creativity as well as executives upgrading their Leadership skills.

"Brian's faculty development sessions were rated 4.9 of 5.0 by our professional facilitators and coaches -- he rocked every activity and met each objective!" 

Steve Trainor, Ph.D.

Head of Faculty Development

The Google School for Leaders

"In my role as the Director of the USC Center for Public Relations at the Annenberg School, I have worked with Brian on numerous occasions at USC. He is often a key component of our Executive Education programs, where he employs his proprietary  improv techniques to teach leadership skills to senior executives.  His sessions are both enjoyable and educational.  In our participant evaluations, Brian’s improv workshops always rank the highest of all of the day’s activities." 

Fred Cook



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